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                   !!!!!!!!!!! NEW BUILDINGS, CONTINUE:  !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Recently TMS has received the contract to build vessel no 11 and 12 in the series

                              Delta Marine design BDelta 43500 DWT

Vessels No 1-12 of the series  in service!!

MV Venture (name) vessels  chartered by the HBC Singapore Office
MV La Venture  chartered by HBC Hamburg Office.

MV (name) Venture vessels 7-10 now in service and chartered by mssrs Sucden Paris

Above are some of the site team and ships staff who attended one of the ceremonies in Nantong.

Both Champagne bottles broke as expected and didnt even chip the paint; Thanks to Jotun Topcoat!

Best Wishes to all that attended, and all that were and are still involved in these and the sister ships.

******OLDER NEWS*****

Here below are some of the Shipyard personnel who play an important role with designing and building of our vessels in Qingshan Shipyard. Good co operation is the key for any success between shipyard and owners.

Owners site team, Design department, Production department, QC department   Translation department

Without these lovely ladies of the translation department our job would be more difficult! Constantly assisting when we are on inspection,   plus they have even saved us!!  and ordered our food via the telephone with the waiter when stuck in a restaurant and the menu has no pictures!!               


Seen here starting cutting for  Hull QS43500-1 on the 16th August is Mr Ian Thompson

and also the Lloyds Register team. Vessels will be constructed under LR.



Seen Here for Hull No QS43500-2 started 18th September, are Owners and shipyard personnel

Mr Zoran Pejcic, site manager Hull construction, accompanied by 2 ladies from the Shipyard.


Steel cutting for No3 ship was carried out on Nov 20th. Attended also from shipyard side by Mrs Yujiao Liu of business department, and below some TMS Site team members and ladies of translation department.

Far Left                  Mr  Davor Trikic    Naval Architect      
Far Right
                Mr  Bob Zhang     Hull construction and painting.              

******************OLDER NEWS AND VIEWS*****************

The last model tests at Hamburgs prestigeous HSVA on Scantling Draft were as expected and the designs will perform fantastic on speed and consumption!!!!  The 43500 T bulk carriers require an engine out put of 4703KW at 14K incl 15% sea margin.  Consumption can then be estimated  as the engine needs approx 155.5 g/kw/h  (by any interested parties) from these figures but the ships will be world class!!

Presently EEDI is 32% under IMO Bench line!!!

Otherwise they will be a standard 5 hatch 4 crane design, with 20 years of  TMS/HBC design tweaks from top to bottom to make them easy to operate and live with!

Many other energy saving devices will be fitted to aid the vessels consumption, Auxilliary engines will be added to EGB to assist steam production. High Efficiency PLC controlled fans, Frequency control for main motors, Very high spec paint system from Mssrs Jotun,

Ballast water management system will be installed as standard.

Further press announcements will follow from Owners!


MV Venture Pearl will be delivered in Aug 2012 here seen

on sea trials.


The Governor recently visited the port during pre election campaign, MV Golden Ocean is in permanently trading in this rapidly expanding area called INDONESIA!! Indonesia has approximately 17500 Islands with almost 1000 Inhabited.


Yard/Owner celebrations planned on 15th October
with departure shortly after!!!

First stop Singapore for Lubs/Bunkers and
then she goes into service chartering by
                         singapore office!!


Underway to anchor to complete ballast operations and sail to Singapore!

                                   ****TMS SINGAPORE****

Due to commercial expansion, TMS Ship Management (Hamburg) is happy to announce that we have expanded  into Asia with the founding of

                  TMS Ship Management Asia PTE. Ltd

We will jointly share offices "down town" with HBC Asia.
"Asia is the growth Continent and we need to be poised to act quickly to assist any of our vessels or other projects that are presently running there, so establishing our office in Singapore was a natural development"

Hamburg Bulk Carriers (one our vessel owners) expansion into asia continues with their moving to a new and bigger office!

This new office was required to expand the staffing and reflect the increase business they now do in Asia. Growth in HBC and Asia/Pacific area required the relocation of Mr Georg Greilinger who has taken "over the reins" in Singapore. 

The new office situated within sight of Clarke Quay in the heart of Singapore  is a very comfortable location for business and pleasure. We wish Mr Greilinger and family and HBC continuing success!

To see a plan and information on Clarke Quay please click the link